Famous 'White Nights' series by Neva Palette and set of 24 tubes. Follow us on Instagram and check the latest GIVEAWAY post! 

Valid through 19-21 August, 2020

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The high pigment concentration for maximum intensity of the hue watercolors. Saturation is maintained even when diluted with water. Characterized by transparency, which allows the artist to work with thin glaze. Pure colors allow you to write in the mixture and to obtain a rich variety of shades. The bulk of the paint has the highest index of light resistance, which contributes to the preservation of works of more than 100 years. All this ensures their high quality and the ability to use in a demanding job.

Paints in tubes have a pasty consistency, do not require additional soaking water and immediately ready for use. Recommended for painting on large formats, mixing colorful solutions for fills of large areas of paper, to fill the empty cell. A balanced palette of 24 colors in a set of "White Nights" can solve many creative tasks watercolorist. The set is presented in a plastic aprons and a cardboard cover.