Acrylic coloured liners for textile set, 4 colours of 18 ml Decola by Nevskaya Palitra

Acrylic coloured liners for textile set, 4 colours of 18 ml Decola by Nevskaya Palitra

Nevskaya Palitra
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Acrylic coloured liners for textile set, 4 colours of 18 ml

Colored contours for arts and crafts «Decola» based on an aqueous acrylic dispersion designed to create volumetric images with painting c / b and silk fabrics. It recommended to ensure the strength of fixing the pattern on the fabric sample according to the instructions for use si When painting synthetic fabrics. Apply contour on previously laundered and ironed fabric, pressing the adjusting line width. Dry for 3 hours. Apply «Decola» dye on fabric. Can be used for decorating the contour of the finished painting. For fixing on dry fabric signature within 24 hours. Progladte iron 5 min without steam by x / cotton fabric at a temperature corresponding to h / cotton fabric. After 48 hours, after ironing laundry products allowed mild detergent at a temperature of from 30 ° C to 40 ° C without excessive mechanical action. Nozzle flush with water. Keep circuits in sealed tubes.



Yellow Red Green Violet

Product Group

Set of decorative paints


Set of 4 colors


 Liners are used for creating extra decorative effects on silk and cotton textile, also for fine detail work, lettering and creating patterns, dot painting and so on. Liners for textile are possible to use alone or in combination with acrylic colours on for textile of ‘DECOLA’ series.

When painting on silk textile, they can be used just for decorative drawing in combination with washed-out outliner, as the liners do not prevent the colours mixing and can not be a boundary between colours. When decorating cotton or linen textile, the liners are used for for fine detail work or as an independent tool.

The liners are produces in tubes with a pointed nozzle-dispаnser that makes it easy to apply acrylic right from the tube by gently pressing on the package. The density of the applied line is controlled by the strength of pressing the tube. The consistency of the colour and the unique nozzle-dispаnser prevent the appearance of blots in the process of painting and allow to obtain volume relief patterns, dots, strokes and other elements.

After applying the liner, the painted textile should be dried and fixed by an iron or a hairdryer.

Acrylic liners are not washed off and can withstand delicate washing well.