White nights watercolors 12 colors
White nights watercolors 12 colors
White nights watercolors 12 colors
White nights watercolors 12 colors
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White nights watercolors 12 colors

Nevskaya Palitra
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Extra-fine artists’ watercolours set ‘White nights’, 12 colours in 2,5 ml pans, plastic box


Cadmium Lemon

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Red Light




Emerald Green



Burnt Umder

Neutral black

To convey the beauty of the moment...

The professional series of watercolours ‘White night’ is a landmark of the plant ‘Neva palette’.
Artists’ colours plant ‘Neva palette’ has been producing watercolours since 1934, maintaining the highest quality of the products.
‘White nights’ are time-tested artists’ watercolours. They are used by professional artists striving for authenticity and durability of created works.
High-quality pigments of own production and well-established manufacturing technology have made the watercolours ‘White nights’ the favorite ones by several generations of artists. Watercolours ‘White nights’ are popular not only in Russia. This product known under the brand ‘White nights’ all over the world is highly-appreciated by professional artists.

Artists’ watercolours ‘White nights’ are produced of fine-grained pigments of binding and a natural gum arabic binder, recognized as the best vegetable resin for artists’ colours manufacture.
• main part of the colour palette is single pigment and lightfast colours;
• high quality pigments of own production among which there are earth colours;
cadmium and cobalt pigments;
• high colour intensity;
• perfect washable and spreading.

Such properties as brightness and colour pureness, high lightfastness, good spreading and transparency made watercolours ‘White nights’ the favorite ones by several generation of artists.

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Made in Russia. Located in the United States.



For 85 years, the Neva Palette Artistic Paints Plant has been producing high-quality products for professional artists and art lovers. Today we are the only Russian company with a full cycle of production of professional art materials.

The enterprise was founded in 1934 - based at the small paints and coatings factory built by Julius Friedlander, the English technologist in 1900 on the embankment of river Chernaya. On December 1, 1934, in accordance with the order of G.K. Ordzhonikidze, the Leningrad Artistic Paints Plant of the All-Russian Association of the paints and coatings industry entered the list of operating factories.

From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the Neva Palette Plant has been closely cooperating with Russian and foreign artists, listening to their expert opinions, and monitoring market trends and technological innovations. The innovative developments of our own laboratory, time-tested formulations and well-established technologies have made the paints from St. Petersburg the masterstroke of the Russian industry. At the same time, our production staff keeps the secrets of traditional recipes for making paints, and some stages of production exclusively rely on manual labor.

The Neva Palette Plant produces a wide range of products, including watercolors, oil, tempera, and acrylics paints, gouache, products for children's crafts, as well as additional materials for painting, and decorative and applied arts. Product line choice depends on the creative task that a painter sets himself/herself.

Today, the products of the plant are well-known to both acknowledged masters and beginning painters. Paints of our White Nights and Master Class brands are in the toolkits of eminent artists of Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltics, Europe, the USA and China. The paints developed in the plant laboratory are traditionally used for restoration of masterpieces of the world paintings from the collections of the State Hermitage, the State Russian Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Restorers, painters, graphic artists, decorators, illustrators and designers unconditionally trust the paints with the Plant logo. The high reputation of the Neva Palette is the result of experience, innovations and the ability to understand the needs of an artist - who is at the heart of the world of art materials.


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